torek, 31. december 2013

Deep Ocean Challenge #68 - Share Your Crafting Space!

Hello guys!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your familes. Mine was pretty busy cos' I was at work but I'm sure I have plenty of time to celebrate it with my loved ones..
Maybe next year..
This is my last post for 2013 and I would like to wish you all a very very healthy and happy New Year!!!!!
I have to say a big thank you to everyone who has been a follower of my blog..
Thanks for reading and commenting on my posts throughout the year..
I really appreciate it!!!


Now onto the last Deep Ocean Challenge for this year..
Share Your Crafting Space!
This really is something different, isn't it?

Here's my craft room..

It's been like that for more than a year now and it is one of my goals for 2014 to finish it..
With all the drawers and stuff I was still not able to organize all my stash.. Can you imagine?

This is where I keep all my punches and paper flowers.. 
The rest is hidden in the drawers.. LOL!
And there's the famous shelf that holds just some of the cards I got..

My 'working station'.. The computer is no longer there .. I'm still waiting to get it fixed..
And the answer is Yes.. I love teal.. I think it's my favourite colour at the moment..
I have a lot of unfinished projects laying here and there but I've hidden the mess when taking the pictures.. LOL! 

Not one of the best views lately with that ugly scaffold outside my window but the building is gonna look so much better when this is over..
I think you've noticed by now that all of my furniture is from IKEA.. You gotta love that shop..

Still trying to find the best way to organize my Distress Inks and stuff..
My homemade foamboard storage is doing the work for now..


I need some more shelves here for all the cards I got from my lovely crafty friends..
I have them all over my appartment for now.. ;)
And those lights are really ugly.. Have to find a spot to hide those too..

I just want to give you some advice if you're thinking about a craft room makeover..
Buy some floor to ceiling cabinets or you'll never have enough space for all your stash..
I've learned the lesson..

I can' wait to see your craft spaces and get some inspiration..
And I really hope you'll be back many times in the coming year..

Once again I wish you all the best!!!!!

Big hugs, Tina

5 komentarjev:

  1. Tina, to je pa res čudovita delovna soba!!! Vse na svojem mestu! Waw... pridna!!!
    Želim ti veliko sreče in uspeha v prihajajočem letu!!!
    Barbara GR

  2. Wow! I love your craft room!

  3. Tina, to je pa res čudovit prostor za ustvarjanje. Všeč mi je belin.Zelo lepo imaš urejeno.
    Srečno v letu 2014
    Lp Danica

  4. Krasna ustvarjalnica,
    tako nežna, kot tvoje voščilnice.
    Pozdravček Tamara

  5. Nice and bright; I wouldn't mind spending some time there. Great choice with white furniture - thanks for supporting Swedish export. ;-)

    Hugz, Sandy
    Owner & Operator @ Live & Love Crafts