sreda, 7. oktober 2015

A short report from the fair in Milano..

Hello dear followers!

I've been pretty busy lately but I have some pictures to share with you that I'm sure you're gonna loooooove..

I'm a very lucky person indeed..
..and I know it.. LOL!
I've been invited to give a hand at the Magnolia booth in Milano..

It was a blast!
It always is..

I was blown away by all the gorgeous creations around me and whenever I had a minute off I spent it staring at them..
Of course I had to touch'em all too.. LOL!
All those gorgeous details.. The different ways in which they are coloured..
My teammates are extraordinary!!!

There were tons of stamps..
Big ones..
Small ones..
Baskets full of beautiful flowers..
And loads of wonderful dies..
Can you imagine??

One thing you cannot miss is this pic..
They brought The Italy Collection..
5 marvellous stamps that we all desperately need, right?

I had to take the pictures when no one was there because you can imagine how crazy it gets here when all the Magnolia lovers are around..
Here's a hint..

Magnolia is attending a craft fair in Toulouse this week..
But they will be back in Italy next week from the 15th to the 18th of October for Abilmente Vicenza..

Guess who's going there for 4 more amazing days?
I told you I was lucky!!!

Stay tuned folks!
I'll be back very very soon!!!

Hugs, Tina