petek, 28. oktober 2011

Tilda With Snow Heart

I know I told you already how much I love the new Magnolia collection but I just can't stop repeating it..
That's why I had to use one today..
And of course I had to try all the winter Doohickey's that I got this week..
That's the result..

On this card I've also used lots of glitter..
I'm not really sure that you can see it in the photos but it's everywhere.. On her hat, on the heart, on all the flowers, leaves, snowflake..

If you're wondering what's the snowflake made from..
The upper layer is from cardstock covered with Glossy Accents and Glitter.. The other (I don't even know what's the name for that thing) is from a foam that my love uses to put under laminate floorings ..

That's all for today because I'm in a hurry..
Have a grrrreat day!!!!

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